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There's a surprise...

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Just got back from 1500+ miles round trip to Scotland with a GT86 and BMW 650i and everyone was astonished at how well the QV handled and generally coped with the roads out there, based on negative magazine reviews and then came to a debated agreement that the QV really was the overall winner of the trip!

Words of the drivers:
"BMW couldn't handle" - couldn't keep up with 86 and QV comfortably round the twistes
"Gt86 needs more power" - doesn't have the pull of the QV

Only issue I had was a little back ache from the Sabelts on a coupe of occasions.

Obviously the QV wasn't any where close to the 650 in terms of power and probably wasn't as fun to drive round the twistes as the 86, but it just handled everything so well. Even climbed a cliff road easily, providing great fun, where as the GT86 was left struggling spinning its wheels with not enough low down torque. It was the most practical, finished the journey on 42.4 mpg and even fitted in next to these coupes in looks.

Guess I'm just trying to say how under rated and overlooked the MQV is... This trip has made me appreciate my car even more. :)

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Judging by the nature of the complaints against the other cars I'd say the results don't really point so much at the MiTo being the better car but perhaps you the better driver quite frankly. The 650i should have destroyed both cars (and costing more than both the others put together it should) and the GT86 owner needs to re-evaluate his car purchasing decisions if he buys a naturally aspirated RWD car designed to get its back end out on demand and then complains it has no low down grunt and wheel spins a lot.

You should clearly use this to your advantage in the bragging and state "I had the worse car and was still quicker than you 2 as such you should give me your cars as you clearly can't drive them" :cheese:

I somewhat doubt they'll hand their keys over though. :D

Glad you had a nice trip though. Take some nice pics? Very scenic place, it'd be a crime if you didn't take pics of the cars.
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