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Some of you who were around in this forum way back in 05 to 09, may remember this car

She was my pride and joy, and was regularly seen at various hoons and meets across Ireland
Alas over the years needs changed and something bigger was required, and it left my possession and into the capable hands of another Alfisti.
It briefly came back to me for a few months a while later when I heard it was up for sale again, and I needed a car to tide me over, by brother then took ownership, and in 2012 traded it in against a brand new Focus, at this stage it needed a lot of work and was (in my mind) destined for the great scrap heap in the sky.....

Fast forward a few years.... and I happen to spy it in what was a closed down scrapyard near where I live, looking I have to say, rather sorry for herself.

The chap who owned the scrappie bought her at auction for breaking, but when he got it to the yard he couldn't bring himself to break it, and so it sat.

I explained the cars history, and very quickly a deal was done for pocket change, she is returning home once again.

My plans for it? well it will be a long term project, but basically she will be getting a heart and lung transplant

The new heart was picked up on Saturday

Its the original 20 Valve Turbo engine from my Red Fiat Coupe in the above pics, and its currently being rebuilt with the aim of extracting around 350 bhp out of it. I have a garage full of parts for the 156 and Coupe that has built up over the years, and I have nearly everything needed for the conversion bar a gearbox from an Alfa 2.5v6.

Glutton for punishment? yes, probably :thumbs::cry::lol:
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