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Hi everyone,
Been lurking on here for far too long so thought I'd register and say hello. Please be gentle with me.

Had a 156 2.0 TS for the past 8 years and 60k miles or so, and been absolutely delighted with it. Very few problems, looked good and felt even better. Best car I ever had, despite initially thinking it was a sensible, practical compromise after getting nagged to ditch the V6 Calibra.

However, the 156 started feeling and showing its age this year so I've recently traded it in for a GT JTDm with which I'm already smitten. Drove a 2.2 petrol Brera, a 2.4 diesel 159 and a mate's BMW 320 (I know, I know) before going for the GT. Never thought I'd be so impressed with a diesel.

Anyway, that's my Alfa history. It's nice to emerge from the shadows and 'meet' you all at last!
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