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Hi everyone,

Passed the MOT last week. Bit of a relief as the first garage wanted 1200+vat!!

Anyway, got a second opinion (and a friend of the family to do the work!) and passed for £400 all in!! Still expensive, but got disks and pads all round, a CAT and a lambda! Now runs (and stops) much nicer! :D

Now for my question...

My injection warning light has been on for some time. The lambda has been replaced and it is now running much more smoothly and is using less fuel. However, the light is STILL on!! Do I need to have this re-set, or should it automatically switch off if the prob is fixed? If that is the case, I guess it wasn't the lambda causing the prob in the 1st place. :(

It can be a few things such as water temp sensor, AFM, intake leak or even a relay not contacting properly (had this on my V6). Have a poke around and clean the fuses and relays to see if this helps.

You could try resetting the ECU by taking the battery leads off for half an hour but don't think that's the problem.

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