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Hi,One and All:)

"You know that inner person,
the one one that say`s go,
when you your body says No,
you look around,people are there
and all at once, you do not care,
that monster within screaming no fear
And off you go just more fodder
for that person, you know his name,
That right t`is good old EGO.
The times I`ve hated him.
Whilst following him for a midnight swim
boozed up to the brim,or when I climbed down
that awful crag trembling within
but I had onlookers feeding good old Ego
You know I really hated him,
But now my life is a little different,
sure older by far,
But the memories ah the memories
Ego you were a star,
Too bad you had to fade this way
but it was fun yesterday.

Hope you did`nt mind me sharing this with you
I really do struggle with qwerty these days,
Maybe it will stir a moment of horror or panic
you have lived thru,with Ego at your side.

Who know`s might be a good thread.
for others too write.

John the Luddite.
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