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Exactly what the title says.
It all started at the last montly meet.
I spoke to Ed about getting timing belt kit and variator for the 147.
Went down the following week and all the kit was there so off I went happy as Larry with the view of sorting it out on the Saturday.
While looking at the shiny bits over the next few days I noticed that the timing belt box didn't mention 147 on it.
When I enquired I was told it was fine for the 120bhp engine that I told them I had. After a check on the data base I was informed I had a 105bhp motor in mine.
Now I was unsure about this, as the car goes like stink, so they said take both belts and bring back the belt that wasn't the correct one. Can't argu with that I thought, so off I went happier than Larry this time.
Saturday arrived and I got down to tha job in hand.
Everything was going swell (I was following Jaap Bouma's guide-Thanks Jaap) until I went to fit the Cam Blocks. They were bought from the internet and I did buy them for the 120bhp motor,as that is what I thought I had after checking with my VIN plate). They didn't fit:confused: .I'd left it too late to catch the lads at All Things Alfa, so I put it back together.
Went to see the lads with my cam blocks and we found out they were no good for any motor. The cam profile was out out position to the screw down holes. Well at least it was only £25 waisted there then:rolleyes: .
Neadless to say I left the workshop happier that a man that was happier that Larry with some new toys to play with, ready for the next weekend.
Saturday arrived and the job went well, untill I was putting back the small spark plug in N0 2 cylinder. It was doing up, not even reached bottom when the socket went all loose. After trying to ignore it for a few minutes, doing up the others, I pulled the plug out with some pliers and the thread was still in the head:cry: . After a swift cup of coffee and a sweat my mate suggested that I would probably come out easily with a screw driver. PHEW it did. Went to LT motors to get a new one( The lads had gone home again) Fitted it all back on and car started first time.
Told Julia Button to take it for a spin and she duly came back with a smile borrowed from the Chesshire Cat:lol: .
So I learnt a few things doing my timing belt.
The lads at All Things Alfa know what they are talking about.
They are very helpfull and are very trusting.
THANKS LADS:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
PS sorry if you are still awake after reading all this drivvle.
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