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Hello to all that have ever posted details on their problems with the SVC “Superfluous Volume Control” functionality on BOSE stereos!

Over the past few weeks since purchasing my new pride and joy this single piece of crap functionality has driven me to distraction. Even though I’m the first person that would have normally said “just turn the stereo OFF, wind down the windows and head for the nearest tunnel” in response to such posts about stereos in Alfas, I have to admit to suffering with a niggling radio problem in the 156 I had for the last 7 years. Therefore, when I got a ‘new’ Alfa that had BOSE I thought I couldn’t lose. How wrong could I be?

To be honest, the thing that compounded the problem was the owners manual! Whilst describing the functionality of SVC it then went on to say that its entry in the menu was only for certain markets. SO… how do I turn it off then!

Well, it’s thanks to all that posted their comments that helped me (last night) locate the troublesome microphone, test that it was actually creating the symptom by tapping it with the stereo on, remove the damn thing, re-attach the housing and re-test the system. Eureka! The stereo works again as normal, with no up-and-down swings in volume AND no complaints that one of its components is missing. So THANK YOU ALL! All without the ominous trip to the local Alfa dealer and no contradictory/expensive advice as to how to solve the problem.

Also, in case it helps, I’ve taken a picture of the component I removed, which is also dated with a little sticker. I think that helps support the posts that talk about when these systems were installed/updated. So, even though mine is a ’05 registered car, it would appear to have been made the previous year?!?!

Also, by way of thanks, I wanted to share some info about my GT battery that ‘did’ show signs of failing. It appears to be the original unit (4 years old) and was discharging itself if the car was left for a week or 10 days with no activity. One thing I used as a guide to the health of the battery was the coloured window on top of the battery. From the time I had the car it was always black and never went green. So I decided to phone Exide themselves to find out what that REALLY meant.

The guy I got through to seemed to know his stuff really well and confidently commented that the “Indicator is primarily for our suppliers to gauge the remaining life of batteries they have in stock. It is not to gauge health of it once actually on a car! Instead you should use voltmeter to test it.

Open circuit voltage should be 12.6~12.8; fully charged. Anything ~10 volts would need charging. Anything lower would have been overly discharged and would difficult to charge again.”

So it would seem the indicator window is a little bit of a red-herring once actually on a car. I’ve since completely removed the phone car-kit that was with the car when I bought it and the problem appears to have either gone away completely OR just been greatly reduced. I haven’t noticed any relation to CD-players turning themselves on and all interior lights automatically go out shortly after doors/boot is closed. I will keep an eye on the situation and will let people know if anything changes.

In the meantime, thanks again to those who post out all this good stuff. I look forward to looking here first before calling Alfa again. (It also makes me think whether the mechanics at their dealerships bother to look at these posts before ushering their customers back out to their cars with shoddy advice or incorrect diagnosis)?!?!


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