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Just wanted to give a heads up and say thank you to Alfa Sports in Sawston, as a new owner I was not sure if the rattles and clunks were the norm or not.

Spoke to them and they kindly said to bring it in and they would have a look for me to see if there was any issues.

Dropped in this morning, and excellent service from very nice guys. Certainly knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful, popped it up on the lift and went through it all from end to end.

Turns out that there was nothing amiss at all .... and I am just going to have to get used to the quirks of the 147 :lol:

So from a new owner, ( who generally stays clear of garages and does all my own work ) its nice to see small companies like them out there, who know their stuff ! I will certainly be using them again when I need any work doing that I cannot do or do not want to get wet and cold doing :thumbs:

Thank you guys, Much appreciated indeed.
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