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Having a run in the GTV with my Dad, after a fairly spirited blast along the back roads a horrible rattle started - sounds like it's coming from the bottom of the engine somewhere! There's no oil in the water and vice versa, no metal in the oil, no warning lights. Did the standard big end check (handbrake, footbrake, lift the clutch) and that was fine. The car still drives, seems no different apart from The Noise. The only difference is the car won't go into reverse unless I lift the clutch pedal ever so slightly and crash it in, so I'm suspecting a bearing in the gearbox has gone or something like that.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

My main thought at the moment is that this happening after less than a week of ownership must be some kind of record, even for an Alfa! ;)

EDIT: the gearbox thing was a complete red herring (not to mention a one-off), turns out the bottom end had gone. Italian car Services in Lincoln stripped the engine and put all my bits on a recon block - running fine now!
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