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Evenin all,

About to take the plunge and "do what every petrolhead should" (Copyright Clarkson) and purchase an Alfa. GTV v6 in my sights and I am lining up a few target examples for purchase over the coming weekend.

Having been through the following over the last five years, Civic Type-R, Integra Type-R, Elise, Impreza, Punto:)rolleyes:), R32, I find myself in the position of having 4k to spend on a toy and I feel I need to throw the dice of Alfa ownership and see if I manage to shake a seven. It could be costly, it could be joyful... lets see.

Ill be tracking my ownership from day 1 on so you can follow my progress and laugh/pity/congratulate/help/commiserate/support* me as is required. (delete as applicable on a weekly basis)

Look forward to meeting some of you fellow Alfa people up in Yorkshire once I have made the purchase/mistake*.


PS As an outsider, the myth of Alfa (un)reliability lives on strongly. Everyone I have told has said "Ooooooooooooooooo" with a disgruntled and painful scowl.
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