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Temp Gauge ,clock and petrol gauge Help

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I have a 1998 3.0 V6 ph2 and the three gauges in the center console have all stopped working .They have been playing up for a little while and I'm assuming it is a loose connection somewhere ,but for the life of me a wiring diagram for these gauges . Can somebody point me in the right direction please.
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If you have the workshop manual, you need volume 3 part 2 and section 55 chapter 13 ( entitled "Indicators and Warning Lights" ).

Don't go to the 1997 wiring diagram by mistake. The 1998 section 55 is after the 1997 section 55! They are wired quite differently ( especially the fuel gauge ).

On page 6 there is an overall schematic and p14 is the wiring diagram. Be aware that the year 2000 is also in that section so look for the diagrams specific to 1998.

If the clock and nighttime illumination aren't working, first thing I'd look at is the connector to the instrument unit being loose.
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