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Last year I added a TDI Tuning box to my Giulia and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Whilst a remap is always the most effective route for a few more BHP there are very good reasons you may not want to go down that route.. and I had my reasons.

The Giulia went back to be replaced by a Stelvio (a bit more dog and child friendly!) and whilst this had the same engine I didn't feel the need to fit the tuning box owing to the typical daily usage of the car. So there was this TDI tuning box sitting on the shelf gathering dust.. enter stage left one 4C!

TDI Tuning will reflash the box for about £100 and whilst I had been looking at the AlfaWorks ECU this seemed like a cheap alternative and most importantly I already had the box sitting on the shelf. On the Giulia they claim around a 60BHP and 40BHP on the 4C. Without having dyno'd the cars before or after I can't say whether these are accurate or not.. what I will say is the Giulia was noticeably quicker and better towards the red line. So my thought process was if it was noticeable on the Giulia it should be even more so on the 4C considering the weight difference!

Thus the box was sent off for reflashing, and installation was a piece of cake taking all of 10 minutes. The results are as expected and much like the Giulia, definite improvement in "thrust" whilst the engine doesn't run out of "puff" towards the red line like it did before which means it's much easier to hit the rev limiter now as you feel it should go another thousand RPM before needing to change!

All in all it was £100 well spent. I expect the AlfaWorks full remap is better still, this is probably 80% of the way there and made use of what I had lying around. Win Win.


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