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Looking to sell on the 166, it was bought as a wedding car to transport the bridesmaids and tbh has been underutilised ever since.

It's a 2.5 V6 manual gearbox. 111k on the clock, it's sorned and out of mot but wouldn't need much to pass it.

Cambelt's been done (Jan 11) and the car is in generally good nick, it's in a navy blue (Odessa?) and I tidied a few things up for the wedding, the brakes are brembos.

Bad stuff, the oil cooler has a leak, the drivers window doesn't open and one of the front flexi's is blowing.

All that said it's a nice car to drive and would happily stay on the roads for many years to come and provide a good host of parts if not.

Price wise I'm looking for £300, I know I could get alot more by scrapping and selling a couple of minor parts but tbh with it being one of my wedding cars I don't want to scrap it......whatever anyone else does is up to them!

If anyone's interested PM or has any questions just ask!

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