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Hi again.

havent been in here for quite a while.
New job, we´ve been moving and I'm on a &/(/&%(%modem nowadays :))

If some of you remembered, I had som problems with the turbo pressure.
It's back again!!!!
Everything was OK until a month ago.
1 & 2 gear was 0,7 bar and 3-5 was initially 0,9 and dropping to 0,7.
But now it's not getting past 0,7 bar on 3-5 gear anymore.

My Q is: has the ABS system anything to do with this????
my warning light goes on after a few minutes of driving, indicating that the abs system is taken off line.

How do I check the ABS system???
Is there a checkbox as AUDI has???
Do I have to replace the "switch" (sorry, didn't remember the correct name), at one wheel at a time or replace all four???
Is there a "reset" button for the ABS system??

Many Q's :))

otherwise the car is running fine and past inspection a few weeks ago.
replaced the right rear brake caliper yesterday and I now hvae a handbrake working again???
My new Eibach loweringkit has arrived and is waiting in the garage.

Tom C, Karlskoga

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Hi Tom.

I had an Integrale that did the ABS problem. It turned out to be a broken wire to one of the wheel sensors on the front wheel. A replacement sensor was the only way. I did replace it with the right rear off a 164!! I just cut the locator lug off and reattached it in the correct position for this car!! MUCH cheaper than a new one!!! The ABS should be able to be checked out by your friendly BOSCH ABS specialist. Try a Lancia Intgrale forum for the boost problem. Very helpfull for memory.


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Hi Catman,

The only time the ABS warning light has come on my 155 was when a brake light had gone - check your bulbs for doing anything more expensive!


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Hi all.

I've checked all bulbs and they are working.
I have the "rumble" in the brake pedal before the ABS warning light goes on. the the "rumble" stops.
Gonna check the ABS-system at my friendly BOSCH specialist :)

jimybob: "ABS has nothing to do with your boost problems"
If I have understood it correctly, the ECU is connected to the abs-system for the "max-boost" on 1:st & 2:nd gear...
Have I understood it wrong then???

all problems came at about same time, therfor I made the connection to the ABS-system...

/Tom C, Sweden
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