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hello all,

I am proud owner of blue SW for over a year now. so far the car was great. however recently it got some kind of illness and I cannot figure it out what is going on. Therefore I hope somebody will be able to point me in the right direction :)

So what I am experiencing :
1. computer is not working (this I suspect might be down to broken button, it just stopped work recently) reason for me mentioning this is that all following problems started since this happened.
2. my Sophie (as my wife calls the Alfa) started to giving me problems. One day I stopped bit downslope (not really big hill) and I have locked the car, went shopping and when returned the car decided not to start (there was little petrol in the tank, but still not reserve). I did try to start it several times, even opened the bonnet and checked the cables (not that I know anything about them, just checked if they are not lose). I did try to start again but no luck. So I lock the car and went away to clear my head, I have returned in about 15 minutes and lo and behold car did start on the first try. It did show me the engine failure light but after I started the engine again all went to normal. So I filled in the tank and all was back to normal for several weeks (my tank usually lasts me for 4 weeks)
Anyway, after few weeks I went to Tesco's and again parked downslope with little petrol in tank (being stupid as I am, I forgot about my problem last time) you may imagine that I was not happy bunny when I returned from shopping and same scenario unfolded. As I was only about 20 mins walking away from my house I just went home and returned in about hour and again car started with no problem. same engine failure light which turned off on second start. so I again went to petrol station and filled the tank in. however what I have noticed this time is that even though the tank was full the on my dashboard I could see only little bit over 3/4 of full tank.
So to finish my story same thing did happen to me yesterday again even though now I knew that I cannot leave it till the tank is empty therefore I went to fill the tank when there was still 1/4 of it. and this time again the car didn't want to cooperate. so I left it in parking space for 20 mins and then it started again without problem.

So far I was lucky with leaving the car for some time to think otherwise about leaving me in the middle of nowhere but I am worried that one day she will leave me completely therefore I am hoping that somebody overhere would be able to point me in the right direction as to what might be the culprit in this. I was even thinking about taking it to dealer but I am worried that the bill will be higher than the cost of the car not to mention that they will probably not sort out the problem anyway.

I am truly sorry for this lenghty story, but I really do hope that somebody would be able to help me.

Thank you
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