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Suspension Knock

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Anybody out there got any ideas or experience of a single knock that comes from the suspension area of the v6 or probably the 2.0l as well.Jacked the car up thinking it was the bottom ball joint or the anti-roll bar but no obvious signs.The bottom ball joint usually knocks all the time this is only occasionally usually on corners or under braking not from a hole in the road either?
Any help appreciated! frown
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most probably the inner antiroll bar bushes they dont really wear out they just get tight and they do make a real dinn especialy if your just going over a small slow speed hump like a sleeping copper.
Think I have discovered this noise or perhaps its :( just related,the bottom arm bushes the inner ones are worn and is allowing the wheel to move back and forward by quite a bit,probably causing the noise as well.
Can anybody shed light on the availability of these bushes or do you have to buy the whole arm?
power flex jobbies or the whole arm from alfa.
I had the same knock on my 2.0 earlier this year...

Would get a bang from the left front suspension whenever going over pot-holes or cornering fast...

It was the lower wishbone bushes that had worn but i had the whole arm replaced from Alfa.. think the part was about £80 or so...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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