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So I've been debating with myself on whether i should keep my GT for the next 6-12months.

The backstory is that I've owned the car for a little over a year now. During that time I've changed the rear coils (and swaybar links since everything was rusted shut), front upper control arms, swaybar links, swaybar bushes, lower passenger control arm, refurbished the turbo, blanked and remapped the egr. The clutch is is still fairly light (though starts making creaking sounds when car is hot), but everything else mechanically seems sorted. For now.

The thing is that I now moved to north/eastern europe for 6-12months. The roads are ****e (I'm really just waiting for something to start knocking every day), winter gets pretty cold (probably -15 -20°C during the night) and the amount of salt on the roads is over 9000.

I figured I would ask the forums for some bright ideas.

I could potentially get an anti-corrosion treatment done, which would help with the rusting ( the floorpan is already rusty, but i do not know how bad it is). Would changing the stock springs to progressive ones help with the harsh ride? Smaller wheels?

Or should I sell it asap and get a whatever?

What would you guys do?


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