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As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations, Sud owners are invited to park in a reserved area at Stoneleigh Abbey, right in the centre of the site, next to the green and white organisers' gazebo. Look for the MITCAR flag anchored by my silver Sprint Trofeo and come and park alongside.
I know there have already been several Sud displays at events in this special year - well, here is another one!
See you there - I think you will like the venue.
More on the MITCAR website, mitcar
Bryan A

Kev do we have to register/enter for the mitcar? Thinking of having a ride down and bringing the sud!!:)
no registering needed, just turn up on the day :thumbs:


will be nice to see a good sud/sprint gathering, hope you can make it :thumbs:

about the last big meet of the year. mitcar is always a good one as you get all italian makes so if like me you're into lancia's then there's a few other distractions :cool:

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Have a good one guys - it looks very unlikely I will be able to make it now; even if I get the engine running again in the next two days (probable) I don't think I would want to do a 240 mile round trip as a shakedown run :eek:

I was really looking forward to MITCAR as well :cry:

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