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I owned the wonderful "Your Classic" magazine prize Alfasud Ti Green Cloverleaf CLT168Y for 10 years. I accumulated spares with the intention of maintaining concours condition indefinitely. But despite rustproofing by the AR UK restorers and my paying for subsequent rustproofing as well as fastidious maintenance, it rotted beyond feasible repair.

I now need more space, so I'd like to sell the spares on.

1 Wheelarch moulding (Unused)
1 Off side rear wheelarch trim (I believe it's not Ti GC) (Unused)
1 Wheelarch trim (Unused)
1 Parcel shelf with Blaupunkt speakers (Used)
3 Wheel with TRX tyre (Used)
1 Wheel with TRX tyre (Unused)
1 164 V6 (5 stud) wheel with tyre (Used)
1 Exhaust (not for Ti GC, I believe it's stainless steel) (Unused)
1 Parcel shelf rest trim off side (Unused)
1 Parcel shelf rest trim near side (Unused)
1 Rear near light cluster with hole in indicator lens (Used)
1 Windscreen surround near side vertical interior trim (Unused)
1 Seatbelt pillar trim cover near side (Unused)
1 Rear wash wipe motor (Used)
1 Rear wash wipe arm (Used)
2 Front wash wipe motor with arm (Used)
2 Front wiper blade (Unused)
2 Bosch fog lamp (Used)
2 Bosch fog lamp grille (Unused)
2 Hella fog lamp (Used)
3 Window wind handle (Used)
8 Bulb (Unused)
2 Fuel filter (Unused)
2 Fan belt (Unused)
1 Cam belt (Unused)
3 Interior hatch trim door (Used)
1 Rear ashtray with trim and screws (Used)
1 Oil pressure and water pressure gauges trim cover (Unused)
1 Toolkit (Used)
1 Original Pioneer cassette radio with 2 speakers (Used)
1 Lucas alternator (Used)


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