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stupid brake pad question

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I have been given a set of pads however. they are listed as a part number for a giulietta. does anyone know if they will fit the 159 TI?
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From memory, they should... Out of interest, do they have metal pins on the back or are they flat ? Either way they should fit.
Give us a clue, what make & p/n are they?
these are the new ones that dont have the locating pin in them . they are the replacement ones which are directional to stop squeel. part no 77366389 they are oem but research shows manufacture by ferodo
Having no locating pins just means they'll be easier and quicker to fit, provided your old pads don't have locating pins otherwise you'll have to take the whole caliper off to get the old pads out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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