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Sorry about the “off topic” of this situation, but I’m becoming a little desperate.
I have a 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V which is giving me a big headache.
As I know the 155 Q4 is almost the same thing (tech), I though about asking your Help.
I´m having a strange problem on my 1990 Integrale 16V.
When driving in very low speed, when I turn the steering full left/right the wheels "brake". I dont know the exact word, but it is like that.
Last week everything was fine, but today when I was driving the car out of the garage, I had to turn the steering full left (like always) and I noticed that I had to press the acelerator more than the usual, because the car was braking. And I wasn´t braking. It was dificult to drive it out of the garage, and at one point it also cut of.
I jacked the car, first in the rear and then in the front and there is not any wheel locked by a brake caliper.
Then I checked the gearbox oil, and noticed that it is a little bit UP then the normal, but I think it is better a little more then a little less.....
I know that you are going to say that it is a characteristic of the grale to be sort of braked when turning. And yes, you are right,. But this is not the case, because if I turn full right (or left), put 1ª or reverse gears, and de-clutch, the car seems to be braking. The engine must do a lot of power, the front wheels seem to be braking and the rear wheels apears to be skiding (I don´t know if it is the right word - the wheels move but the all car almost doesn´t move). With this, most of the times I ear a "Plink or a Tac" coming from the front right (I think) of the car.
At the same time, if I stop the car it apears that the gear box (the gear stick) has a lack of precision (just with the wheels turned), it becomes rough, if I put the wheels strait, it´s normal again.
If I go down a road in NEUTRAL and slowly, and if the road becomes plane, strait, and I turn full to one direction, the car stops. Not quick, but if I´m going at 20km/h, in + or - 10 meters it stops, like if I was braking (all of this in neutral, not any gear engaged).
If I do the test in a small climb, I can came out of the car that the car doesn´t move (without the hand brake), and I can pull it a little that it moves very little. I tried that with a friend pulling the car and me in the car, just in case of the car start to move fast.
So.... what is the problem?
Am I going to spend a lot of money?
I confess that I don´t understand.....
I´m a little desperate, because were I live there isn´t any Integrale specialist. Everyone repairs jeeps and Land Rovers, but none knows anything about this car.
So.... Who can give me a clue?
Sorry again (I knows this is not the right place)

Thanks in advance

Carlos Oliveira :(

1992 155 1.8 TS (Not mine – It´s my father´s and has 55000Km) :)
1984 Sprint Veloce 1.3
1991 33 1.5 Carbs
1990 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V

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Hi Alfafan,

I saw your post on the Evoforum, i'm guessing that it might be due to a problem with either your front diff or the transfer box. have you had either of these checked? I'm not sure of the best way to tell exactly what the problem is other than putting it up on a lift & seeing what happens to the wheels when you do various things, like engage gear at idle etc.


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i think f2g is right it sounds like the middle diff or the ferguson coupling may be at fault.
at present i have no idea how to test it.

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As an Integrale 16v owner in a previous life, I can only add that it is the centre viscous coupling. Hard left or right turns will do it!! It is meant to take up the difference between the front and rear axels. I had mine on a rolling road to have it complied when I imported it to New Zealand and according to John Whalley, 3mph MAX is all you can do with 2 wheels on the move and 2 still. Have fun.

Oliver :cool:
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