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Hi all,

Since I bought the 147 JTDm in Sept 2018 I noticed a strange issue with the Cruise Control, but also with the Throttle Response (at least, it feels that way). Whenever the weather is getting a bit better and thus warmer, every now and then the Cruise Control will face some kind of lag. For instance; I'm driving on the hwy doing 120 km/h on the CC. Whenever the car is pulling up a slope, the speed will drop, like it is keeping the same load on the engine as before on the flat surface. After a drop of 15-20 km/h (no consistency) the system suddenly recognizes the error and pulls back to the 120 km/h. Funny thing is, whenever this is happening, I can also correct it by just tapping the throttle a little. It seems like the system suddenly remembers it should do 120 and not the 110 it dropped back to, and it will accelerate back to the 120. And it will just repeat this error at the next slope, but not always (again, no consistency).

Kind of linked to this, it feels like the throttle response is different whenever this CC issue appears as well. But I cannot put my finger on it.

Any ideas..? I could not find a thing on the web.
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