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I polished my second wife (MY 159) and thought I’d pay a visit to the Alfa Main Fraudsters, then on my way back home, the coppers stopped me. It turned out that there was a massive operation in the area (Traffic cops, metropolitan police, Community Service Police and the Immigration Officers etc.).
There where tons of them at one place, it was like a Police parade. Then I was stopped by a Traffic police who came and asked if my windows were OEM tinted or aftermarket one, so I told them it was an aftermarket tint so he got an equipment out to measure it and apparently It was ok.
While the traffic police was checking my details the other officer asked: “Is this your car? How much did you pay for it?”:D There were about 4 officers complimenting my car (what a car, very nice, beautiful and clean car). In the end I asked the officer why I got stopped, and then he replied, "There were lots of robberies involving flashy cars in the area". I then replied: It’s only a 159, what if it was an Aston martin DB9 or Bugatti. I was completely disappointed and felt low as it happened just opposite a bus stop full of people at Tesco and I felt very embarrassed and confused.
Now I know that Alfa 159 stands out of the crowd therefore am proud being an Alfista.:thumbs:
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