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Hello again, thank you so much for all the advice guys, I took my car to a different mechanic this time and i'm getting it back 2moz, it was the fuse but it's hard to believe that a ickle fuse can cause all that chaos! I am no way gonna give up, i love the car too much, and at the weekend i am going to face my fears and take it for a test drive on the same road the last 2 incidents happened, please dont mail me saying things happens in 3:lol: so now im gonna be driving an alfa armed with no-more nails around bonnet and a boot full of fuses:p plus this time ill have my trusting push bike in the back:cheese:
since having my alfa ive only spotted 2 around my area, now it makes me wonder why you dont see many of them on the roads hahaha,
thanks again you have been very helpfull,

p.s; any other tips/common probbs would be much appreciated:p so i can be prepared next time x x x
1 - 3 of 3 Posts