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Hi I have an early 2000 156 2.0L selespeed which sat idle For a long time. Its been with Pool Lane Classics for a full overhaul for a few weeks, who had it up and running perfectly and it sailed through Mot no problem.

It has been moved around a few times for work to be done, and when it has warmed up it has started to jack up to 2500 revs at. Idle... Drops down to 1800 and then steps up incrementally to 2500 again? It drove fine to its Mot and for road test previously...

Has anyone had similar issues? Any suggestions to try and resolve it?

Previously (years ago) it had an issue with random total engine cut out which once left me stranded on a roundabout 2" from an artic's front bumper.

Alfa hooked it up and re flashed the electronic EMS which seemed to cure it.. Wondering if this is again the issue?

Any suggestions folks? 👍😕😊
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