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Wonder if any one could please help,before i go insane!!!!! problems with steering pulling to the left on my alfa 156 JTD,causing wear to inner edge of offside tyre only..

Told by alfa specialist it was lower wishbones..

Have replaced both upper and lower wishbones on both sides..

Replaced front discs and pads

It STILL pulled to the left...

So now have replaced both front tyres..


Bearings and shocks ok

Just dont know what else to try,...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

this might sound mental coming from me whos not a mechanic but pretends to be :p

have you had the wheels balanced? laser tracking? mine pulled to the left and i had to get my wheels balanced...sorted the problem right out!:S
I don't think it's a mental comment at all. It's very sound advice indeed... :thumbs:

Check for excess play in the track rod ends, If no play, then get the tracking checked..... You can get this done usually free of charge at many tyre and exhaust centre's (they only charge for adjustment if required) About £25-£30 maximum.

If the tyre is worn beyond the legal tread limit on any part of the tread , I would advise changing right away once these two basics checks/ adjustments have been done... The damage is already done to the tyre and will still continue to wear uneven.
Otherwise..... It will still pull slightly regardless.

Any part of suspension that has been changed should always be followed by a precautionary geometry check.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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