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Hi chaps,

The steering on my 2002 147 2.0TS has been getting progressively worse over the past few weeks. It has become very light and vague, this is particularly noticeable during cornering where it feels light and almost as though there is no grip on left hand lock, but sharp and taught the opposite way.

I can hear the rack hissing at full lock on roundabouts, but this may not be related as I understand if the rack is making a noise, thats not necessarily a bad thing with Alfas!!

My local indy, who trained on Alfas and seems pretty clued up on them seems to think the wishbones may be worn, contributing to the loose feel of the steering. Surely if the wishbones were knackered, they wouldn't have passed the MOT just a month or so ago?

Not convinced, what do you guys with more knowledge of these things reckon?

Thanks in advance.
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