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Just aftet some tips. Took my 156 for an mot which it passed with an advisery note. Front anti roll bar bush deteriorated. And play in steering.

Can any one suggest reasons for the play in the steering. Not that i have noticed while driving.

Your help will be appreciated.

If it's an advisory notation it's usually down to track rod ends starting to show signs of wear...
Even though it feels ok for now... things will progressively get worse resulting in unusual tyre wear and stress on other suspension bushes and joints... So worth doing ASAP to prevent further costs.
Steering for Alfa 166
They are easy enough to replace.
Jack up one front side at a time and use an axle stands for safety... Remove one front road wheel.

Remove the bottom nut and split the joint from the bent arm of the main suspension/ hub assembly. Disconnect it completely.

Use plusgas and some form of heat like a blow torch on the nut that locks it onto the steering rack (use protective gloves and do this while it is still hot) ..... The track rod end should then simply unwind from the steering rack rod.
Pay attention to how many complete turns it takes to unwind it off, mark it down so you don't forget. Let it all cool down.
Replace with a new track rod end and wind it back onto the rack the exact number of turns that you wrote down then lock it on with nut that you used the plusgas and heat on, make sure it is nice and tight.
Now insert the the ball joint back on the hub assembly and tighten up with a new nylocked nut (usually comes with the new track rod end).

Repeat the process on the other side.
Go to a local tyre centre and get the tracking checked properly to make sure it is exact...
Allow about an hour to complete the job at home

If they won't budge with heat and plusgas, don't worry, the tyre centre can replace the track rod ends easily enough at a labour cost. .....Job done:thumbs:
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