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Steering Column Top Bearing

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One item left over before going back for a re test...

MOT station says... 'Steering column top bearing excessively worn'

I've been all over with torch and a bar... not feeling or seeing anything obvious. :confused:

Has anyone experienced this ?

One other minor which is baffling me is the hand brake...

I've followed the disconnect cables... 10 + hard pedal pumps... reconnect cables.... but then rear nearside is solid... disconnected again and at the point where both cables meet... checked and both free moving.... connected again and now offside is solid and nearside is free :rant:
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Bump !!! Anyone have any thoughts on this subject ?
I seem to recall something similar a while ago on here where the MOT inspector confused a little play in the height/reach adjustment system with a worn top bearing.

Make sure the rake/reach adjustment lever is pushed all the way home and hold the steering wheel at 9 & 3 O' Clock position and try and move the wheel up/down and left right. If there's no movement of the steering column itself then there isn't a problem. If the whole assembly moves ( as if the reach/rake lever was released ), then it is possible to adjust the lever.

If you can't detect any movement at all, find a competant MOT testing station or maybe have a word with your local VOSA inspector ( should be details on the MOT paperwork ).

If it really is the bearing, the steering column will have to come out to replace it.
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Thanks pkr

The car has done 150k miles ....

Just wonder if anyone else with a GTV of this sort of mileage has had to replace the column due to a top bearing failure ?

Next question: where would I source and at what cost for a top bearing ?
Shims in place, i used plastic rather than feeler gauge... little or no lateral movement.

Re Test in the morning... fingers crossed she passes and i can finally have some fun with the v6 :)
MOT with no advisory's :D

Now I get to enjoy Busso's finest and begin the task of making her a little better along the way :D
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