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Statrting problems

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Hi !
On my V6 93 I have a very strange problem, when the car is cold (outside) it starts on the first turn of the key. If the car has been in a varm garage for some hours and cooled down , it starts once as well. But If the car has been driven up ro normal working temperature , and I stop for a while (20 mins to 1 hour) the car sometime doesnt start until the 10-20 turn of the key . Also in very hot condition (yeah in Sweden) and the temp has gone up above 90 it fails to start as well.

1. I turn the key , hear a click in the drivers seat (left side) lights on the seat adj. dims down (beeing cut off) and nothing happens. you can try this 2-30 times before the car starts , depends on its "mood"

The question I'm having:
Is there a immobilizer built in (only orginal alarm) and that has been removed.

if so how do you test that it is Ok , or remove it ?

Thanks for the help

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you dont say if the engine still turns over ok if it doesnt get the starter motor checked it could be you are getting a poor contact in the starter when its hot.

The noise from the drivers seat sounds interesting. I'm not as technically minded as Jimybob but just checked the handbook for relays, are they anywhere near?

"Exclusion of power accessories on starting" - relay K??

Also, (one for Jimybob) would the emergency fuel cut off switch under the seat have the same effect??

Presume you are trying the "hot start" procedure of depressing the accelerator.

wrinx :confused:


These are Italian electrics we're talking about, "shouldn't" isnt part of the language wink

Strange that its cutting power to the seat adjuster, dodgy relay??? Waddya think?


ps. inertia was right wink

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If the starter isn`t turning then that would be the most likely suspect. Anyone ever have an old air-cooled VW? Remember how the starters would just stop turning and 'click' when they were hot? Quite annoying when stopping for petrol on a long drive!
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