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Hi guys,

Ive got a nasty continuous squeak form my breaks :S

This occurs when driving/accelerating (not just a normal squeak under breaking).

Ive had it looked at by Alfa (although i don't think they took it serious) and an independent garage.

Alfa said their was nothing wrong with them (i think they just looked at how worn the pads were and assumed there was nothing wrong).

My garage said there is a 'lip' on my front disks which they believe to be the cause of the squeaking and could only recommended changing the pads/discs (they said they cannot be sure this would resolve the problem but can only help). However, they did say that due to the fact a lip has occurred (and as far as I can remember they said its only on the 'inside' facing side of the disc), it should be a warranty job?

Any comments guys?

Or anyone with the same experience/is this a common problem?

I will be contacting Alfa again on Monday because this is ridiculous and should not be happening.

Thanks in advance.
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