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Hi Guys.
Fitted the chip on thursday but have been working night shift so i haven,t had much time to test it properly until last night/this morning.
First impressions are the torque is up,it pulls from 2000revs cleanly all the way to the limiter.The power step at 4500 isn,t as noticeable but it,s still there,i think it,s because there,s more torque up to that point.
The difference i reckon is about twice that of removing the cat plus a better spread of power.
According to the squadra web site the difference between a 75 with a cat and without is around 9-10 hp.Judging the difference on my 155 after removing the cat i reckon on about 15hp from the chip(or am i dreaming).The air filter probably gives me 2-3hp so were in the 169-171hp bracket,what do you guys think am i close or am i fantasising.
Anyway i blasted down a 5mile stretch of carriage way at 4.30 this morning(just finished my shift),acceleration was great, red line in 3rd, 4th, 5th speedo was touching 140mph then my bottle started to go,i think it would go a bit more.
Anyway cant wait to get out and play.
Regards Shug. :D :D :D
PS would removing a box from the exhaust give me any more hp. :confused:

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Hi Shug
Glad your car is running well. If you remove a box from the exhaust you may well get a couple of horses more, but I think you may lose some torque.
This is from experience of putting big exhausts on XR2's, Uno turbos etc.


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how much was the chip? and how easy was it to install? did you have to wait long to get it?

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Hi Antonios
Check out for ordering.
The chip cost 150 pounds.
The fitting is easy,check the squadra web site,it gives you online instructions.
I had a problem with the first chip that was sent to me,it got damaged in the post but alfaowner came good and replaced it.It should take about 1-1.5 weeks for delivery.
The difference is well worth it
Get one you,ll not regret it.
Regards Shug

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Hi Shug.

I reckon 170 bhp might be a bit steep but my last 16v pulled 180bhp after a decatted exhaust with the Superchip and airfilter. 170bhp might be acheivable with Super Unleaded, but there is only one way to find out.... bring it down south to John Nobles Rolling road on 6th July!!

A lot of the modifications often have a placebo effect, where you think it is going better just because you know you have changed something. I found this when I transferred the chip into my latest 155 and thought it went better, when actually it was the wrong chip and I was running standard BHP!!

I agree with Marlon, there is a balance between Torque and BHP. Torque will help your 0-60 times as you have more pulling power.
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