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I know I'm opening a can of worms but I'm really trying to figure out what would spring rates would be the best for track dedicated Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 Twin Spark. So it's only about performance on a race track.

I've checked Twin Spark cup (racing cup for TS alfas in Vic and NSW states in Australia) controlled suspension is offered with 10/7 kg/mm springs which equates roughly to 1.3 Hz and 1.82 Hz front and rear suspension frequencies respectively.

The general consensus is that 2 - 2.5 Hz is suitable for a circuit car so 1.3 seems a bit on the low side.

I've checked what some coilover companies offer

stock 3.5/2.65 kg, 0.77/1.12 Hz
BC Racing 10/3.5 kgг, 1.3/1.29 Hz
Yellowspeed Dynamic Pro Sport 12/5 kg, 1.42/1.53 Hz
XYZ Racing Tarmac Rally 16/8 kg, 1.64/1.95 Hz
Yellowspeed Premium Competition 20/14 kg, 1.84/2.57 Hz

I currently have 11.5/5 kg spring and is somewhat happy. But what if I'm missing something? Is there a reason Yellowspeed and XYZ offer 20/14 kg setup for their circuit racing options?

The car is no/low aero and will be running semislicks next year.

What rates seem reasonable for tracks that's aren't super smooth?
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