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Spring pan bushes

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I'm trying to work out what I want to do with my Spring Pans and i'm looking to see what I can do myself.

I need a press to get the old rose bushes out or cut through them which seems simple enough but i've not seen any definitive information on fitting the Powerflex bushes.

Looks to me that they could be put in without a press?

Another option is just to get some reconditioned from Autolusso if they have some.


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Power flex bushes are a doddle to fit. Lots of coppaslip, put the inner sleeve in after you have put the plastic bushes into the pans. Can be done by hand with the inner sleeves requiring a tap with a rubber mallet. Just done mine.

Pressing the old bushes out can be tricky, without a proper press. I welded up a framework so I could use a 20t bottle jack as a press. A little application of heat around the bushes worked wonders.
I used a blow torch to burm them out and then used a hack saw very carefully to remove the sleeves, it took a bit of time but was successful and cheap.
Powerflex bushes are an easy fit but they are so pricey for what should be a £5 bush assembly
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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