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Spring in the footwell

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This morning I found a small spring about 2 inches long in the drivers footwell just in front of the accelerator pedal. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be from? Could it be something to do with the small drop down drawer that's just above there?

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Yes probably. Does the drawer still have spring assistance. Is it a coil spring with two equal 1 inch arms with a bend
at the ends iirc?
What just about to say the exact same thing lol
Yes, that sounds like it as the drawer no longer has spring assistance. Have you any idea where the two ends clip on to?


Hi Andy. Open the drawer and pull the top of the drawer surround away from dashboard. The lower edge has two locating prongs. Turn the whole unit around to view the rear, and the two spring end holes are towards the bottom right corner. One is on a flange attached to the drawer, press it in from the right side, and then the other hole should be obvious. I bent mine over a little more before re-fitting. The coil sits lower than its ends. Well done for finding the little devil.
Hi Algie. Can I ask for some clarification please? When you say 'Open the drawer and pull the top of the drawer surround away from dashboard.' do you mean the tray unit, the moulding with front section containing the recessed handle? If so, how does it come away from the dash board?

Thanks for your help

Hi Algie, I have now realised that I needed to pull the whole section of dashboard containing the drawer away, and you're right, once you look at the back of the drawer unit the spring locations are obvious.

Thanks again,

Hi Andy. Open drawer and slip 3 fingers behind the part where 2 round rubber 'stops' are revealed. Then you just pull hard towards you. The complete part of lower dash below 'menu' panel will be released! Then lift slightly to free lower prongs. Also revealed is the socket for diagnostics!
Thanks guys. I found the little spring and the drawer no longer stays shut. I came looking for a thread like this :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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