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I picked up my 166 this week complete with a sportronic problem. The auto transmission light was on steady and the car would not select sportmode. Also it seemed to be running in a "limp mode", ie. no kick down, very slow acceleration.

After reading the forums on here my first check was the gearbox ecu condition. All bone dry, I disconnected the battery and checked and cleaned all the connections. When I switched back on the car was in sport mode straight away from the "D" position, I drove the car and the sport mode was functioning great. However, once I moved the gear stick left and right, the error came back along with limp condition.

After another hour or two of research I came across a thread about the microswitches activated mechanically by the gear stick. I removed the boot over the stick and could see inside the roller switch that makes contact when the stick is moved to the left for sport mode. There was congealed white grease all over it, and the switch was being stuck on. That explains the sport mode in the "D" position on start up earlier.

I had a gentle clean out in there and with the car reset (battery off/on etc), I restarted the car. This time with the car stationary I put it in to "D" and manually actuated the switch and worked a little WD40 in to the area. The Auto/Sport change over was indicated on the dash and after a few actuations the switch was working from the gear stick.

All working fine now since yesterday.

I would suggest that if you have the same symptoms (gearbox light on, stuck in Auto limp mode) the first place to look should be this switch. It is easy to access through the gearstick boot.

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