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Sporadic dropping of coolent

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Having a really weird issue with my 156 at the moment;

Every now and then i come across a puddle of coolent under the rad, and when i check the level has either not perceptibly changed, or dropped a little (i topped up with maybe 200ml this morning.) But it may be weeks before the little puddle shows itself again?

Car doesn't over heat, and checking regularly i don't seem to be loosing any between the puddles appearing. Any ideas?
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If it is leaking from somewhere that is that rare, I'm going to go with a loose hose clip that allows coolant through maybe after a very hot run, where is the puddle in relation to the car?

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That could be a good shout, there was a small puddle after returning from goodwood FOS on friday (lots of traffic and 30 odd celcius) and the time before that was after a run from brighton to guildford round the M25, with a fair amount of traffic in Guildford.

The puddle seems to originate from under the l/hand side of the radiator (as you look at the car)
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