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Originally Posted by edraven71 View Post
Pretty much what he said.
Some later model 147/Gt's have a locking device over two thin nuts that lock the wheel on, hopefully you dont have that as it's a PITA to get off.

I wish I could have found & read these posts earlier about the removal of the 147 steering wheel
I now realise that the locking bent over tabs, the socket 24mm was supposed to go over the nut & lock tab.
What I did wrongly was to bend back the tabs & remove the thin top (pressure nut!) leaving another nut of some description underneath.
I have put the job on hold now as I have ordered a new steering wheel nut from Alfa Romeo so that I can see what I need to do to get the remaining nut off that's still on the s/wheel, due to bank holiday it will be Tuesday before I can set about what was supposedly a relatively straightforward task.
Any advice please on how I now proceed to remove the lower nut as it's not exposed!.
I have thought that I could use a centre pop !, but have not done anything yet , what do you guys think?.
The 10 year 147 t/s is not a well used banger, & is in extremely to excellent condition for its age & it's well maintained & only recently had the upper & lower wishbones replaced so I am a proud owner I suppose.
I'm lucky that the car is still on the road & running , I was only replacing the clock spring because the horns not working.


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