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so after nearly a year of spider ownership i finally took the twinny on more than a daily commute.
did about a thousand kilometers in two days, driving up from melbourne to bright, then around rutherglen and beechworth and back.

some really nice roads- twisty mountain roads but also long curving valley roads with long straights.

so, some observations:

1. the alfa really comes into its own in this kind of driving. i spent virtually then entire time between 100-140km/h and it seemed totally effortless. indeed, the usual body flex and bumpiness almost disappears when driven like this.

2. in sweeping turns almost any speed is ok and there is no body roll or sense of being close to the edge.

3. the gearing and high revving nature of the engine are amazing. really makes the car. for instance you can be in 5th gear at 100km/h and say 3500 revs and then to over take drop it to 3rd. 140kmh and 6500 revs comes up like nobody's business and you fly past whatever you were overtaking. i've said it before- twinspark LOVES being revved.

4. top speed seems to be somewhere around 170km/h? maybe 175. anyone care to comment?

anyway, the little car never missed a beat. no problems at all and drove it's **** off. bless her. incidentally, this weekend coincided with one of the biggest rainstorm the locals had ever seen- over 100mm of water. the spider leaked as expected but not too badly i was surprised how cosy we were in seriously DRIVING RAIN. of course this meant there was no top down action. shame. actually some of the worst leaking was into the passenger side footwell- seems to be coming down behind the dashboard. i noticed that the plastic moulding between windscreen and engine bay (that the wipers come out of) is warped and the seal seems bad. could this be it? can you buy these anywhere?

happy motoring!


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Hey Poggor, seems you've discovered one of the real joys of Alfa ownership...most cars would not have afforded you anything like that pleasure on that journey...and the fact you managed to even forgive its leakiness lol.

You should come and have a look at plan drives like this with like-minded alfisti.
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