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Spider TS advice needed

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Hi all
I've just been to test drive this Spider twin spark.

alfa spider twin spark in Randburg | Cars | Gumtree South Africa

I've never owned the TS only a V6 so I was wondering about a few small niggles this car has.
The gear lever is quite floppy but selects gears well, would a new set of bushes sort this problem out?? It struggled to start...partly due to the semi-flat battery but once sort of warm she ran well and pulled reasonably well for a 2litre car(compared to the V6 and JTDm it feels very lacking in low down torque) No warning lights came up and the owner claims to have had the inlet manifold replaced recently, any thoughts? She didn't smoke when I blipped the throttle on the test drive.

Body work was decent, a few chips and scratches but nothing major...owner had the front bumper resprayed but it was missing a piece of black plastic trim...not the end of the world to replace. IMHO it needs to following:

2 new tyres (front)
new plastic rear window
new gear selector bushes
a good clean and tidy
repair of the remote for the central locking.
new engine under tray (missing)

He has the master key and recently replaced the cambelt. The car looked reasonably clean and tidy underneath. I offered him R50k cash which he seemed willing to accept. Is it worth it?
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should start without a problem.
If not somethings wrong.
if it's a plastic cover motor it should hove power just off idle
bring the car lets have a look.
Car looks good in the pics and for R50k would be good for your enjoyment of open top motoring. If you can sort the niggles out do a write up later on. Let tn sort you out with the minor bits as he's offered.
Yes, I think it is worth it. If you are willing to spend a little to sort the niggles, You will not be much out more and as happy as kite in summers breeze
bring the car lets have a look.
I shall definitely be taking you up on the offer:thumbs: It's between this car and another one I'm still waiting to see....a V6 in PTA that's done 120 000km. Apparently the owner is open to offer and I've been told it's in good nick.
The only downer is it's a code 3. Apparently it was written off a few years ago by the owners insurance company and he bought it back....and in his words spared no expense repairing it.

I can believe an older Spider would be quite easy to write off given that bonnet, bumper etc are pricey from the agents. According to him it's had no major or structural damage and according to the proprietor of Alfissimo SA his guys have serviced it and he would buy it taking into account that the owner is negotiable.

I'm waiting to view this car and its supposed to have a full service history and recently had all the belts changed. I am quite apprehensive about it being a Code 3 though. On the one hand just needing a new bonnet, bumper, headlights, fog lights, radiator, oil cooler, spray paint and labour could easily write off a V6 Spider taking into account their 'official' book value has been below R100k for 2-3 years. Another bonus is that the front chassis legs are very easy to inspect on a 916. I'm still half-half on a code 3 though. I've also owned a V6 Spider for 6yrs so I'm pretty aware of how they should feel, drive and look. Any opinions?

I'm going to run full TransUnion history checks on both cars for theft, outstanding finance and any accident damage that insurance paid for (this is where i can actually find out how badly the Code 3 was damaged)

I'd really like Nutters to be put the V6 on a lift and have a thorough inspection.

I'm happy to get a car that needs a bit of work to get 110%, just don't want a lemon.
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I would give the V6 a serious look. As above ask TN to check it out.
My skoonpa bought a code 3 GT and it was in such an excwptional condition that he couldn't refuse. To buy a code 3 means that you would most probably have to settle for a loss when reselling it and if you are ok with that then make a serious offer after driving and inspecting the car.
Code 3 cars should sell for not more than 75% of normal retail value....
Code 3 cars should sell for not more than 75% of normal retail value....
They asking R75k and it's done 120 000km but apparently they'll accept between 60-65k.

On the other hand this just came onto the market Alfa Spider - Somerset West - Cars

:inlove::inlove::inlove: I dunno if spending 160k is a wise financial decision for me right now but OMG I would be as happy as a pig in $%# with that.
That's a stunning example and, as mentioned in my PM, is a Elegante Edizione like mine (2 tone leather and no Alfa Romeo badging on the centre dash console)... If I had the money I would go for it!
Nice car. For that milage it is sure to be a stunning example. 3600km per year!
bring it so that we have a look no problim.
I have seen GTV s as code 3 with absolutely no structural damage and a couple of code 2 s I will not touch
bring it so that we have a look no problim.
I have seen GTV s as code 3 with absolutely no structural damage and a couple of code 2 s I will not touch
Awesome:thumbs: I'm just trying to arrange a date and time with the seller.
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