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My spidey suffered like most others with the drivers bolster worn , split and holed.
The drivers black leather seats are like rocking horse doo to find in good nick so my first thought was to search forum for suggestions as to a fix or repair.
Anyhoooo, what I decided upon was to get a replacement passenger seat and swap over the leather/vinyl seat cover.
I found a GTV passenger seat for sale and took the seat cover off, made an attempt at repairing the slit where the seat tilt lever was on passenger side, then I made a slit for new tilt lever on drivers side and I believe the result isn't too bad, certainly better than old cover!
I disguised the previous tilt slit by glueing a piece of leather to the inside of the cover after ironing that area of the old cover flat.
The passenger seats are more readily available and don't appear to suffer the same so you should be able to source a donor.
Only problem areas are:
1. Seat tilt lever change
2. Seat belt guide needs holes making in GTV cover (near headrest)

I just need to smooth the leather down over the bolster where the sponge had been compressed over the years.
I'm happy to answer any queries, I also have a bit of leather left over if anybody wants.


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