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Spider Lusso for 'er indoors

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"I would really like a little sporty number" says the missis, now the kids have their own transport and we don't have to run the Anytime-Anywhere Taxi service !!! "An Alfa Spider - Yes, thats what I want"
So I read the forums and buyers guides, then tried to talk her into having an mx-5 or MG-F but no ... A Spider it had to be. So we looked at a few until a Zoe Yellow 1999 Lusso appeared on Ebay - It was in Stoke - on - Trent, but hey, if it was as good as the description, it would be worth the one trip. Problem was, having seen it, she fell in love with the car and although I had reservations, this was the one. The deal was done and we drove home, passing a damned gritter lorry on the M6 and collecting a few chips on the otherwise immaculate body !!! But home at last and the chance to have a REALLY good look round the car - MMmm - I read something about Master keys but missed the 'Brown or dark red' bit - All the keys were red, so no Master Key - Sh**. Looked inside Spare wheel cover, no Jack - Tested Alarm, Ambers flash but no sound - Inspected Hood where door Window catches in corner - Frayed wear marks. YES, I know I should have noticed all this before buying - My own stupid fault.
Now the thing splutters and hesitates, so MAF or Lambda bgrd?

But it does look nice on the Drive .......
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Thanks for the welcome guys - I probably sounded a bit negative in my post, but I think I am just annoyed with myself for not checking the car thoroughly before parting with me wonga ... I actually think its still a stunning looking car, which drives well, holds the road like pooh to a blanket and above all keeps my woman happy - Lots of brownie points!! The Spider now lives in the garage where my MGB 3.9 V8 Roadster project used to be - That's now under a cover on the drive .... The things we do for love ....
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