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Hi there,

We have just had our spider 2 litre JTS M.O.Ted.

It needed a new front pipe on the exhaust which we knew about which has the lambda sensor fitted in to it.....

Yesterday on the way home the car stalled in mid flow and came to a grinding halt.

Restared the car no problem but the engine management was on.

Restarted the car 3 times and the light went off and drove home no problem.

My Mrs drove to work the other morning and the same thing stalled,light came on but car restarted normally.

I thought the garage had bust the lambda sensor so the Mrs booked it in at the same place but on there diagnostic it said it was in injector but not sure what for definate until tomorrow......

Car drives great,revs freely,doesnt smell of fuel...surely if it was an injector there m,ay be rough idle or some other symptom and not just stall out of the blue.....

Drove it home today after work and picking up from garage and everything was fine....

Anyone got any ideas


Mark g
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