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I checked this forum but I can't seem to find a definitive answer to the problem I'm having.

The top hadn't been put down on the car since the start of September as I had no access to the car for the last number of weeks.

This weekend I took the Spider out for a spin and tried to put the top down and ran into difficulties, here is the sequence of events.

I set up for dropping the hood, car is running, handbrake is pulled and the clips at the top of the screen released.

I pressed the button on the centre console, the windows dropped.
The motors for releasing the rear hood pins ran but only for a second and then stopped and the LED next to the switch started flashing.

I did get the roof down by using the switch behind the drivers seat to release the rear hood pins and then completed the dropping of the hood using the switch on the centre console.

Putting the roof up everything appeared to work however sometimes the rear hood pins didn't appear to lock completely and the LED next to the switch flashed. I did tighten then down fully using the switch behind the drivers seat and the LED next to the hood switch stopped flashing.

I checked the rear hood pins and the locking mechanism, everything looks ok, I sprayed everything with WD-40 and put fresh LM grease on the pins. The micro switches appear to be working mechanically at least, they are making audible clicks but chances are they are not giving the right information to the hood ecu.

I checked the workshop manual and there is nothing that I can to help diagnose the problem. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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