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Hello all,
I know that this topic has popped up a lot in the past but.. having searched through all of them, I am still left wondering the following:

- What is the actual offset of a black, 5-spoke Speedline OE wheel? Is it ET35, ET39 or ET40mm?

- What is the thickness of an OE spacer fitted to the front wheel hubs? Is it 4mm or 5mm?

I have callipers at hand ready to take measurements with but nothing to measure since I haven't got Speedline wheels or the spacers fitted to my car!

I am in desperate need of the info since I am considering to get hold of 7.5x17" wheels but I will have to work out the correct offset to suit my particular requirements.. trouble is that I need the original factory settings to calculate from and track width won't do!!!

Please help,

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