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im happy with the stereo.....

but i think the oem speakers in my 147 are appalling.i think

is the stereo ok, ?

if the stereo is ok, which speakers would be fab and be a straight swap....

i dont really want to change the headunit..i like the feel/look/originality

but i wouldnt mind changing all the speakers
i've searched(a bit)

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Hello there!

I think you will get the same old arguements coming up...some people say just change the head unit as its so crap and some will say just change the speakers as they are crap too....oh then you have the others who say change the lot of course:lol:.

From what I understand it isn't a great unit, but then again nor are the speakers...jeez I see a pattern forming!:lol:

The good thing is if you change the head unit, it is the easiest thing to change, but I agree, when I had my 147 I didnt want an aftermarket one in there. If you have a decent head unit you can borrow....Argos perhaps;)) then maybe you could hook it up and see how it sounds first?

The door speakers are a pain on the 147 as you have to get the door trims off, whereas the 156 you just un hooked the speaker grills! Taking off door panels is a little time consuming, but also find they never go back quite right causing rattles that weren't there.
You also need to make up special MDF speaker adapters or buy them (the bought ones are usually plastic ones that dont fit well). Depends on what you want to achieve results wise though.....personally I thought adding just a sub was fine:).

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As above, you can argue there's always a weak link unless you change everything and add an amp and sub!

Either new speakers or new headunit will bring good improvement though. Presuming you'll run the speakers off the headunit (ie: not add an amplifier), stick with entry level models (high quality gear only sounds best with amps).

Afraid I usually cringe at the desire for speakers that are a 'straight swap'. Really, it's not hard to do simple modifications to fit new speakers. No point limiting yourself to really, really basic/cheap quality speakers for the sake of a straight swap, or limiting to a handful of speakers that might be a straight swap.

It's easy for a good installer to cut some new mdf/ply wood spacer rings to hold the new woofers to the doors. And trim the plastic in the area for the tweeters and secure the new tweeters in position.

Maybe check out speakers like Morel Maximo/Tempo, Hertz DSK/ESK, Focal Access, Boston Acoustics S series, etc. Of course, it depends upon your budget, but these sorts of speakers might be around GBP$100~150 for 2-way components. If spending less, consider the 2-way coaxials from the same brands. I'm not a fan of cheap quality stuff, but it does have its place for people with low budget, no probs, and should still sound better than factory speakers.

Best to go and audition, cos each will have strong and weak points, and appeal to you in different ways.

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