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Hi everyone! Recently I've become the proud owner of an Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.6 jdtm. I love everything about it!

As the title says, I'm trying to troubleshoot one of my speakers. The rear right speaker and tweeter do not work.

So, because it's both, I was thinking it may be as simple as a loose connector behind the Blaupunkt head audio unit? That's why I've just ordered some cheap audio keys to pull it.

But I'm seriously impatient. I don't know how it is with you guys, but I can't stop thinking about such an issue until it's either solved or until I know exactly what to do to resolve it. I want to do some more troubleshooting while I wait for the keys.

Simple question: When I open up the rear panel of the cup holder, I see three connectors. Which one is the speaker?

These are the three connectors I'm talking about:

(I'm re-using an image from a guide here on the forum. Hope that's OK.)
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