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I thought i'd give my Alfa the once over before the winter sets in, a bit of redex treatment, new blood etc. I took the spark plugs out to pour the redex direct into each cylinder, jobs a good one. When i was putting the last spark plug back......."snap" **** i thought what have i done. I only gone and bloody snapped the thread from the spark plug body. Result the threaded part of the pulg was still in the cylinder head and the rest of it in my hand. I couldn't remove it so took it to a local garage who helped me out, the trouble is with driving it the heat from the cylinder although i placed the plug back in has slightly damaged the coil pack. The extension from the coil pack to was melted but these are only £6 from Alfa, the coil packs on the other hand are £107+vat......ooooohhhh nnoooo.

Does anyone no where I can pick some coil packs up relatively cheaply, i've tried phoning some places but the best is £60+vat second hand,
any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I think I have the answer to your problems! Go down to the local petrol station and purchase approx. 1 gallon of unleaded petroleum distillate and 1 box of Swan Vesta matches (or similiar make).
Drive vehicle to a secluded area and park up Ensuring nobody is looking, liberally douse the vehicle with the distillate. Standing well back, light a match and toss towards vehicle. Repeat if necessary until vehicle is alight.
Hey presto; problem solved! Return home and ring insurance company. Use money off insurance company towards deposit on a proper car (something German or Japanese). Remember to never make the mistake of buying another Alfa Romeo just because they are cheap secondhand cos at the end of the day, you get what you bloody well pay for!
Hope this helps Ian.
Best regards,

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Hmmm, BMW driver i take it? (nuff said probably)

Just out of interest, why'd you take the trouble to join the register? LMFAO

Bit of an attention seaker obviously.
Go home.

Oh, and Ian hope you get a constructive solution to your problem.


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For what it's worth, Middlesex Tuning in Harrow (my local Bosch agent)(0208 422 3313) do the coil packs for £67+vat, but they are brand new.The Bosch part number for a 1.8 16v is 1 227 030 059. Still not cheap by any stretch, but at least theres no chance it'll be duff.


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Thanks for the info Simon, as for Alf O'meo, or should it be Alf O'meow it seems like you'd love an Alfa. Think of all that time you've spent saving your pennies for that BMW or what ever, just to boost your ego, and all the time you've come across an Alfa that's blasted you away only for you to think (if only i'd saved up another year i might have been able to get that 325i). Quite sad really cos i like my car even if it may be cheap, at the end of the day we can wipe the smile off your face no problems.

Cheers for the genuine interests.
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