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Now then Gentlemen,

I hope one of you could help me. I was after a spare "Chrome Vee" from the bonnet ie badge surround. Not too botherd about marks as I am hoping to spray it balck and fit it instaed of the silver one.

Please advise if you know of anyone breaking a 155.

I guess that they will all be the same ie skinnies and wideboys.



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The front grills are different and have been discussed a few times, but here is a summary:

1. Skinny 8 valve cars: Flush grill with colour coded heart

2. Skinny V6's: Recessed grill with colour coded heart (although some may have been chrome)

3. All widebodies have the recessed grill with chrome.

Having changed my grill, it looks as though all the components are sort of "melted" together at the back instead of being bolts/screws. It may be easier to get a complete grill.

I have a flush grill from an early 8 valve we could do a "deal" on if you want. The heart will be the same size.

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