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in view of the fact that movement on the Scotland-'spotted' section is slow, and also having suffered the loss of this year's Italian Car Day- I just thought I would shake the tree to see who would be prepared to come out for a meet up..?

A sort of show of hands, so to speak.

This forum posting has automatically generated a date for the 4th August- I am going to move that randomly by a few weeks to the 24th. But that is not a fixed date; I am just pencilling that in the sky so the forum will host this post.

I've got to be honest; I probably can't talk my kids into standing around for a few hours kicking tyres in a field (not that I have a field to hand), so if the distances weren't prohibitive for those who wanted to attend; I wonder if we could do an initial evening meet up of a couple/few hours somewhere central to everyone. Maybe with food involved.

Might be a wee eatery-with-a-carpark that someone knows of, that would be good..?

Anyway; I am getting ahead of myself- if you fancy a get-together- shout out; and quote a date or format that you would like..?

We'll see how we get on with that...


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